Beetronics Octahive

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The Beetronics Octahive is an Octave Fuzz pedal with a boutique look and sound.

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Handcrafted in California, the Octahive features a custom steel casing with a fantastic aesthetic taking inspiration from steam-punk and post-apocalyptic styles. Tonally, the Octahive is inspired by 70's-style fuzz pedals and provides the ability to drastically shape your control with its pre-gain and circuit-gain controls. The pedal is highly responsive to your playing dynamics and guitar control adjustments, and it is capable of both vintage and modern fuzz tones, with a singing upper-octave note helping your sound to jump out of the speakers.

The Octahive has a Pre control to set the incoming signal level, just like your guitar volume control. This dial interacts strongly with the Honey control - a dial that sets the circuit gain level. Between these two controls, the Octahive has many sweet spots for creating radically different sounds: turn up the controls to their upper levels and create a gnarly and saturated tone that is perfect for sustaining solos; turn down the pre-gain control and you'll find a quasi-ring-modulator sound, with a gated and choppy effect that sounds great plugged into a delay pedal.

The Octahive's upper-octave is engaged by a 2-way mini-toggle. It creates a classic 70's-inspired singing octave sound. This is perfect for high gain solos, where it will make your tone leap out of the speakers and stand out in any mix. The indicator light changes from blue to red to let you know the octave effect is engaged and provides a handy visual indication for darkly-lit stages. Between the multiple controls and the high level of interactivity, the Octahive can be used for grungy riffs, screaming solos, ring modulated tones, and much more. Try it out with a wah pedal for an incredibly funky tone or see how reverbs and delays can take your tone to the next level.

The Octahive has a custom steel chassis and high-quality parts, handmade with incredible attention to detail. The pedal is finished with a stand-out design, and the internal electronics are proudly crafted with a unique bee-shaped PCB.

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