Beetronics Overhive

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The Beetronics Overhive is a medium-gain overdrive with a boutique look and sound.

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Handcrafted in California, the Overhive features a custom steel casing with a fantastic aesthetic taking inspiration from steam-punk and post-apocalyptic styles. Tonally, the Overhive produces a smooth sound, highly reminiscent of the natural breakup from a vintage tube-amp. The Overhive is designed to respond sympathetically to your amp, where it will enhance the amp's best qualities while reacting naturally to your playing. This is a stand-out overdrive pedal with a responsive sound that will make a huge impression both sonically and aesthetically.

The Honey dial creates the core gain level and can allow you to go from a low-gain dynamic crunch to a medium-gain drive. Both settings responding extremely well to your playing dynamics and allow you to create a cleaner sound simply by playing more lightly or rolling back your guitar's volume control. A tone control and master volume help you shape your sound, from warm and mellow through to bright and cutting.   

The 2-way Hive switch sets the Beehive's response between a tight or a loose feel. This switch lets you recreate a vintage-style tube amp with more 'sag', or a more modern amp-style overdrive with enhanced articulation and pick-attack.

The 2-way Body switch gives the Overhive more/less low-end. This is ideal for changing guitars with different tonal characteristics, and for giving you the option of a fatter sound or a tighter/thinner tone.

The Overhive has a custom steel chassis and high-quality parts, handmade with incredible attention to detail. The pedal is finished with a stand-out design, and the internal electronics are proudly crafted with a unique bee-shaped PCB.

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