Beetronics Whoctahell

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The Beetronics Whoctahell is an Octave Fuzz pedal with a boutique look and sound.

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Handcrafted in California, the Whoctahell features a custom steel casing with a fantastic aesthetic taking inspiration from steam-punk and post-apocalyptic styles. Tonally, the Whoctahell produces an 8-bit synth style lower-octave fuzz, and the pedal allows you to blend the fuzz and octave levels for incredible sonic potential.

The Hell control sets the level of the overdrive/fuzz effect. At lower settings this can recreate the crunchy sound of an overdrive pedal, while at higher settings this dial enables all manner of tonal saturation. The fuzz effect is highly responsive to your playing dynamics and will clean up into a crunch sound when you roll back your guitar's volume.  

The Whocta control set the level of the octave effect. The octave effect is created by a clipped square wave and has an 8-bit synth style sound. The Whoctahell also has a 2-way toggle to select between a 1-octave or a powerful 2-octaves lower sound. This provides the potential to make your tone huge.

The Hell and Whocta controls allow you to blend the levels of fuzz signal and lower-octave tone. This lets you set your ideal balance and can even create a 100% lower-octave sound for more experimental players who want the sound of a bass-synth. The Whoctahell has an individual footswitch for the octave effect, so you can switch it on/off independently. A handy side-mounted LED changes colour from red to blue when the octave effect is engaged, providing a clear on-stage visual indication that is ideal for dark stages when you are performing.

Between the two octave modes, the core fuzz/drive sound, and the blending capabilities, the Whoctahell provides a huge range of fuzz-tone potential. The pedal works equally well on electric guitar and bass, and will fatten your tone with its thick, synth-like octave-fuzz sound.

The Whoctahell has a custom steel chassis and high-quality parts, handmade with incredible attention to detail. The pedal is finished with a stand-out design, and the internal electronics are proudly crafted with a unique bee-shaped PCB.

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