JHS Nano Muff 'MoonPi' EHX Mod

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Mod of the Popular Electro Harmonix Nano Muff Pedal from JHS. Toggle between More Distortion & Fuzz than the Standard Nano Muff.

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JHS have introduced the 'Moon Pi' modified EHX Nano Muff pedal! Featuring a 3-way toggle switch on the side, this pedal now features 3 voices that allow you to find your perfect fuzz tone. The standard tone is found in the up position, offering plenty of gnarly saturation so you can achieve those classic Siamese Dream-style tones. The middle position delivers a more open and less-compressed tone, great for more old-school Hendrix or Sabbath-style tones. Want a truly over-the-top fuzz sound? No problem, flip to the down position and you can get even more gain and saturation for a more modern tone, with everlasting sustain that works great for leads. 

The side-mounted 'Gate' knob gives you an extra layer of tweakability, letting you adjust the response of the fuzz. So if you want a super-spitty, gated fuzz sound, use this simple control to dial it in.

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