Top Pedals of 2018

The lull period between Christmas and Winter NAMM is always a good chance to look back at what actually happened in the last year. So without further ado, here’s our Top Pedal Picks from the year 2018…

JHS Mini Foot Fuzz V2

How do you improve on the classic Fuzz design? Make it smaller! That way, guitarists and tone fiends everywhere can attempt to convince themselves that one more mini pedal will definitely fit on their board… somewhere… somehow… 4 fuzz pedals were never enough anyway.

The Mini Foot V2 is temptingly simple, with Volume and Fuzz knobs plus a High/Low Gain toggle switch, meaning you get both vintage and modern Fuzz sounds in one tiny package.

Electro Harmonix Oceans 11

The Oceans 11 offers a refreshing take on the idea of multi effects. A straight-forward stompbox layout offers a world of Reverb sounds to even the most timid pedal users. There are some great classic Hall, Plate and Spring modes as well as some modulation and pitch shifting features. All in all, this is just a great pedal from EHX, and took the gear world by storm when it was released – there’s a reason it features on everybody’s ‘Gear of the Year’ lists.

EarthQuaker Devices Black Ash

Yep, another Fuzz pedal. But when a company like EQD release a limited edition Tone Bender style device, then tell us it uses components from Jamie Stillman’s personal collection, we just can’t help but get excited. There’s something about this pedal that will appeal to more than just the usual Fuzz fanatics. The response is much like that of an Overdrive and it cleans up in a similar way too, meaning it goes from Rock & Roll to Doom & Gloom very naturally. It can get gnarly, but never becomes uncontrollable (that will put some of you off, I know). An interesting feature is the ‘Top’ dial allowing for precise control over the 2-10kHz frequencies.


Whether you’re a fan of BOSS’ Waza Craft range or not, this reissue of the Dimension C pedal is hard not to like. The four switch selectors rather than knobs mean that you approach this slightly differently to a standard Chorus/Vibrato pedal, even though technically this is neither Chorus nor Vibrato. The DC-2w subtly enhances the width and depth of your guitar’s signal providing a smoother tone and a slightly different flavour to other more common modulation effects. Did we mention the SDD-320 mode, which is modelled on the original 1979 Dimension D studio effect?

Victory V4 Sherriff Pedal Preamp

The V4 Preamp pedals are already proving to be popular and it’s not hard to see why. Victory are renowned for making some of the finest modern amplifiers including the Sherriff. It’s a great amp, so to effectively have the guts of that in a pedal format is wonderful. This pedal works by utilising the effects loop of your amp, and requires a slightly different approach than the usual OD stompbox. Often these differences force us to explore and stumble upon different things that we may not have been looking for.

Rent all of these pedals right here at Tonebuddy, add them to your list and get noisy! Here’s to 2019…